Daily routines

Each class has its own daily routine with the the class teacher introducing different themes and topics each week. The children enjoy outdoor activities every day, as all of our play areas are sheltered from the sun. In the warmer months each class also has a weekly water play session.

The routines below give you an idea of how a day in a nursery class, and a Montessori class, might be organised.

sample daily routine: nursery class

8.00-9.15: Children arrive and greet their teacher. Settle down to arts & crafts activities and supervised free-play.
9.15-9.30: Tidy-up and potty/nappy changing time. Children take off their shoes and sit on the mat.
9.30-9.45: Morning circle time: calling the register and singing songs. Sitting down to have a drink and a biscuit.
9.45-10.30: Outdoor play: tricycles, scooters, cars, sand-pit, water play etc.
10.30-10.45: Return to classroom, wash hands, have a drink of water and sit on mat for story time.
10.45-11.15: Sitting at the table for snack time.
11.15-11.30: Potty/nappy changing time. Free play / book time.
11.30-11.50: Activity linked to a theme (e.g. arts & crafts, music & movement, a birthday celebration, dressing-up, singing with actions & props etc.)
11.50-12.05: Outdoor play: climbing, running, balls, hoops etc.
12.05-12.30: Home corner activities (table toys: puzzles, sorting, play dough, drawing etc.). Children put on shoes and collect their things together ready for home time.

sample daily routine: Montessori class

8.00-8.10: Children arrive, greet their teacher and get ready for Montessori time.
8.10-9.35: Montessori time: free-choice activities & individual presentations.
9.35-9.50: Tidy-up and settle down to circle time: calling the register and singing songs.
9.50-10.00: Trip to the bathroom & washing hands.
10.00-10.30: Sit at table for snack time.
10.30-11.20: Outdoor play time: cars, scooters, slides, climbing-frame, sand-pit etc.
11.20-11.30: Back in classroom: wash hands, have a drink and relax (listening to music).
11.30-11.50: Group circle discussion on topic of the week and presentation of day's craft activity.
11.50-12.15: Group activity e.g. craft, music & movement, yoga, ballet, water play, show & tell.
12.15-12.30: Tidy up and get ready for home time. Listen to story while waiting for parents to arrive.

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